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Meet Info




The meets begin at 8:30am.  Each running event is run in age group order (abbreviations listed below). The age group order is as follows: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

3200 meter: MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

100 meter hurdles: YG, YB, IG & IB

80 meter hurdles: MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

4×100 meter relay: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

1600 meter: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

400 meter: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

100 meter: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

800 meter: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

200 meter hurdles:  YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, & YM

200 meter: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

4×400 meter relay: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG & IB

[Not all age groups run all events]

*Sometimes age groups will be combined (generally the 3200m, 1600m and Youth and Intermediate).

Field events usually begin at 8:30am. The order of participation is usually as follows:

Long Jump: GG, GB, IG, IB, MG, MB, YG, YB, BG, BB
High Jump: BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB
Shot Put: BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB

[Not all age groups run all events]

Age group abbreviations

GG = Gremlin Girls

GB = Gremlin Boys

BG = Bantam Girls

BB = Bantam Boys

MG = Midget Girls

MB = Midget Boys

YG = Youth Girls

YB = Youth Boys

IG = Intermediate Girls

IB = Intermediate Boys

Choosing Events

Gremlins can do 3 individual events and 1 team event. Gremlins individual choices are 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m and Long Jump. Gremlins team event is the 4x100 or 4x400 meter relay. 

All other age groups can do 3 individual events and 1 team event. Some events such as the 80m hurdles and 3200m are for Midget and above, and the 100m and 200m hurdles are Youth and above.


Each event will be called 3 times by the meet announcer before the event occurs. As your event approaches you will hear the announcer make the "FIRST CALL" for your event. Please listen to the announcer and keep track so your athlete(s) don’t miss their events. Coaches will not have time to find athletes during the meet to make sure they are at their events on time. First call means last minute bathroom break, grab your bag with water and appropriate shoes, and head quickly to the field to find your age group coach to warm up. (Sorry but parents are not allowed on the field.) SECOND CALL means your athlete should be warming up with their coach/team on the field. THIRD AND FINAL CALL means its time for the athlete to put on their spikes (if applicable) and walk over to STAGING. The coach will help them find the way. Relays may be organized and warmed up before first call, at the coach’s direction.

Running vs. Field Events

A common concern for athletes is when their running event is being called while they are in the middle of a FIELD event OR vice versa. Running events always take precedent over field events.


When your athlete hears FIRST CALL for their field event, they should tell the running coach "Im going to check in for long jump." Go check-in at their field event otherwise the field event coaches will not know they are participating. When they get there they should also let the field coach know which event they were just in warmups for. (Field event coaches will be able to determine if your athlete has time for a few jumps/throws before heading back to the running event.) By 3rd call your athlete MUST leave the field event, find their running age group coach, and proceed to the staging area to run the event.

It is ok for your athlete to leave mid-field event as long as they tell the field event coaches where they are going. After their race is completed they will have 5 minutes to return to their field event to complete it. When your athletes have to leave mid-field event, judges will wait for them to come back as long as they  communicate with them and come back in a timely manner. If your athlete does not return in a timely manner they will lose their chance to complete their field event which will progress to the next age group.

This kind of event juggling takes some maturity, so parents you must help guide your athlete where to go and when. This can be tricky for first time parents. Coaches will do their best to give reminders about where to be. Remember we are a Warrior family, so don't be shy to ask other families who are eager to offer direction.


The Day of the Meet

Be sure to bring the athlete’s complete uniform, including sweats, spikes (if needed) and sun protection. Many parents choose to bring a cooler with drinks and snacks, as well as something for the athlete to do while waiting for their event.  Most meets will have a concession stand, but food is limited and not on the healthy side. On hot days, sun protection and lots of water are vital for the well-being of the athlete. There are a limited number of EZ-Ups set up by the team in the stands at each meet. Parents are allowed to bring their own EZ-ups and chairs with the disclaimer that there is limited room on the grounds at any given meet. EZ-up space gets filled up fast so come early if you want space. Make sure to allow plenty of time to drive, park, have your athlete get their tag and locate your age-group coach for warmup.

Event Name Tags

Prior to participating in a meet, each athlete must check in at the Warrior Team tent to receive event tags with their name on it for each event in which they will participate. All athletes should have their tags before 8:15 a.m. or as soon as possible thereafter.

Warming Up

If your athlete is participating in the first event of the day (3000 meter, Gremlin Long Jump, Bantam High Jump or Youth Shot Put) please arrive at 7:45am to get tags and have time to warm up before the meet starts. Other athletes need to get their tags before 8:15 and wait until their event is called, or their coach starts group warm-ups.

Time of each event

There is no way of determining the time an event will start. It depends on too many variables such as the number of participants, quantity of help, etc. 

Running Events

Athletes competing in running events must stay in their lane until a volunteer takes their tag at the finish line. Water is available at the finish line for athletes.


Be aware of the order of events when choosing which events your athlete will participate in that week.  Running the 100m, 800m and 200m in the same meet will not give the athletes much of a break in between races to rest. Conversely, doing the 3000m, 1500m and 4×400 relay means the athlete will have a long time in between events and you will be at the track for the entire meet.